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The second improvisation theatre class was on the 19 of march. First they made presentations because new participants were present. They proceeded with an exercise which purpose is to build trust and connections among them: they were in a circle, a person in the centre with his eyes closed had to swing and the others had to sustain them.

Then they divided into couples and created a ‘karate’ choreography with sticks and showed it one by one.
In the second part of the class, still divided into couples, they did another exercise about improvisation which was pretending to be in an international conference, in this meeting the speaker was a foreigner and spoke an invented language, the other person was the translator who had to invent at the moment a fake translation for the public.

Last thing was an interview in which each candidate spoke about their dreams and goals; the last question was showing how they would shape a statue made for them moving physically and positioning the others participants.

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