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Creativity and Imagination

In this session of the theatre class, the instructor tried to acquaint us with the concepts of creativity and imagination. In order to do this, at the first, we played a game in which all participants made a circle. The instructor had a cushion in his hand. The game was basically saying our names and things that you like or do not like and things that we are the best in. After saying these, we threw the cushion to another mate and they repeated the same

After that we played another game in which we all made another circle. In this game we took a specific posture that the instructor showed us. Then, each person had one movement to touch the the next person in the circle. If someone touches the other one’s hand, that hand was cancelled and the person had to continue with the other one. This continued until the last person whose hand(s) was/were not cancelled. We saw that we were creating many different movements to achieve the task.

After playing these two games, the instructor told us to spread to the room and draw some things to the space. Everyone was free to draw to the space whatever thing they wanted to draw. And everyone was totally free to design it however they wanted. For example, I designed a kitchen since I like cooking a lot. My kitchen was a quite modern and minimalist one. It had a view to Adriatic Sea Islands. After desinging our spaces in our minds and planning them, we presented it to other participants. Each participant presented their places.

At the end, the instructor put a chair in front of everyone and each participant gave an interview. People were free to ask each other questions. Depending on the story of persons’ lives and their preferences, each participant selected a posture to create a monument of them. Photos of these monuments were taken by the instructor.

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