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Drawing the Symmetry of a Line


In this activity, participants were acquainted with drawing the symmetry of a line. The instructor drew a line which resembled a human face with its details from top to bottom to the right side of the paper. Then she asked the participants to draw the same. After that, she drew another line to the left side of the paper which was symmetrical to the other line. Participants repeated the same process and then they painted the sides to the black with a charcoal.

After this process, the instructor asked the participants what they experienced during the activity. Some of them have said that they had a hard time concentrating on the task for several reasons and this resulted in a line which wasn’t seeming symmetrical enough.

At this point, the instructor pointed out a significant issue. During the task, when the line is thought as a line regardless of what it resembles, a more symmetrical line appears because the drawer doesn’t try to draw a nose or the lips but a line from top to bottom.

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